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Gridteq | IoT – Internet of Things
Gridteq | IoT – Internet of Things
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IoT – Internet of Things.

M2M or ‘Internet of Things’ is igniting the possibilities across the globe.

With billions of devices being connected over the next decade the opportunities are endless. Gteq has prepared itself for this by developing its own in house platform that will give our clients total control of their machine estate. There are many platforms out there enabling basic functionality of SIM control. Our cloud based platform goes so much further! It not only manages the network, but also provides a host of operational features that can be used by ‘out in the field’ workers to have management information at their fingertips. Operational savings are clearly there to be had! But once you have all the information then you need to be able to use it. So, we have integrated a data mining engine that can be configured to extract multiple pieces of information in ‘real time’. This intelligence is the ‘killer application’ that underpins M2M theology. Come and test drive our platform and see what it can do!



With a range of possibilities, talk to us to discuss how M2M and IoT will play a role in your future.

Praxis – the theory behind a good idea.

Contact one of our team to discuss how we can help improve your business communications.


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